Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Todd Galberth's "Decrease" Devotional Notes: Day 2

Today is day two of Todd Galberth's "Decrease" devotional. After reading this section, I think it's safe to say that an alternate title for this book could be "Talking with Todd." His diction makes readers feel like he's sitting across the table from us chatting about life. That's essentially what this devotional is--it's relatable, and most importantly, it's relationship to the Father. In fact, that was the topic for day two, a section entitled "2nd Place."

Todd Galberth - "Decrease" devotional / Todd Galberth online store

Day two's reading was, naturally, a tie-in to day one. It explained that in order for God to rule over our lives, He has to take precedence over everything else we value. All too often, we look to God as a last resort after we've exhausted all of "our" earthly resources. I put the word our in quotation marks here because the resources we take credit for finding/getting on our own are given to us by God. We may think we made it happen, but the truth is, it's never just us. He is the source of everything. We need to start giving credit where credit is due. Today's "Medicine Music," Housefires' "One Thing", was beautifully fitting. God truly is the One and only thing we need. Put Him in first place and He'll make everything else fall into place.

Day 2 takeaway: If I put God on the back burner, I don't have the right to complain when/if I feel burned out. I want more than just religion and ritual with Him; I want relationship. Less of me, more of He.

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