Saturday, January 13, 2018

Todd Galberth's "Decrease" Devotional Notes: Day 13

Day 13 of Todd Galberth's "Decrease" devotional was called "Keep That Room Clean!" Today, Todd shared that his mother taught him, "It's easier to keep a clean room clean than a dirty one." That's true in so many of life's situations, but it's especially relevant in relation to God. In Day 11's notes, I said that in order to be prepared for the next level, we have to get in the praying position. In today's section, Todd explained that it's not enough to just get there; when we get there, we have to stay there.

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In order to move from glory to glory, we have to make time to glorify God. To find our 'next thing,' we have to seek Him. In the gap between glories, He's checking to see where we are. Are we constantly at His feet? Are we on our knees? Or are we everywhere else? In life, we make time for things that matter to us. Make sure you're making time for God, not just when it's convenient, but all the time, even when you don't feel like it. If God dropped us when He didn't feel like it, life would be hell on earth. Be thankful that He is a God of grace.

We owe God the best parts of us, not leftovers. We should always give Him the first fruits of everything we get, not just our tithes but our time, the first part of our day. He should be the first thing we think about when we wake up and the last thing we think about before we close our eyes to sleep. If we really desire to know Him, we have to be consistent. We can't just pick God up whenever we need Him. It's not a "call whenever you feel like it" type of deal. It's a lifelong commitment. Show Him how much He means to you.

Communication is key in every healthy relationship. If you want a relationship to work, you have to put in the work. As the saying goes, "What you do to get a person is what you'll have to do to keep them." A successful relationship requires constant maintenance (today's "Medicine Music" is "Maintain" by Jonathan McReynolds). The same applies to our relationship with God, but with Him, it holds even more weight because it's the most important relationship we have.

Day 13 takeaway: We need to get back to how things were when we first wanted God. Can you remember a time when you chased Him with everything you had? Can you remember why you stopped running? I don't kmow about you, but I'm challenging myself to start running again, and this time, I won't ever stop. Less of me, more of He.

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