Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Artist On The Rise: Why Will McMillan's 'My Story' will be the "Best Thing" in Your Music Library

If you've listened to gospel music at all over the last decade, chances are, you've heard Will McMillan...even if you haven't heard of him. If you're not familiar with eOne Nashville's newest signee, read on to find out why his debut album, My Story, will be the "Best Thing" you've heard in a long time.

Will McMillan - My Story (2018) / Amazon

While he is technically the "new kid on the block" at eOne, 29-year-old McMillan is no stranger to the gospel music industry. A multi-talented musician, he's played keys and organ for some of gospel's finest, including Jonathan Nelson and Tasha Cobbs-Leonard. He also directed the music on William McDowell's Dove Award-winning album Sounds of Revival (2016) and Travis Greene's Stellar Award-winning album, Crossover: Live From Music City (2017). A few years ago, McMillan decided to transition from the background to the forefront, embarking on his own music career. As the frontman of Willmband, a collective comprised of himself and a group of friends who share his passion for music, he released two singles, "Never Get Tired (Running)" (2015) and "You'll Never Leave Me" (2016).

Now under Tenth Child, Inc.'s management, McMillan will release his debut album, My Story, on July 20th. If you pre-order on iTunes, you'll get two tracks automatically: The single, "Best Thing," a fresh spin on the James Cleveland classic, and the Disney-esque "See You." The latter features Will's sister, Julia McMillan, a vocal powerhouse in her own right who is currently touring with Travis Greene.

Will McMillan's sound is carving a unique niche in gospel. He's bringing a fresh transparency to the genre that gets to the heart of the matter, to the heart of God. I was introduced to his music in 2017 when "You'll Never Leave Me" was available as a single under Willmband. Rarely do I ever purchase a song after listening to it one time, but it was that good (if you haven't heard it, it'll be re-released on this album)! Struck by McMillan's hard-hitting lyrics and beautiful melodies, I bought it immediately, learned the words in about three hours, and covered it on SoundCloud the next day. It was then that I realized his gift was something special, but I wondered why I hadn't heard of him before. Turns out, I had heard him, I just didn't know it. To say I'm excited to hear this full project is an understatement. Honestly, I haven't been this excited for an album release in a long time.

God is doing a new thing through the fresh oil that is being released in his Kingdom, and Will McMillan is just one example of new wine in the gospel genre. Take a listen to his single, "Best Thing," below. If you like what you hear, #SupportKingdomMusic and buy My Story. You'll be sowing into good ground.


  1. Will McMillan iii is so very talented,anointed and has a heart for God. He is truly a blessing to the Gospel Music Industry and is just what we are in need of for such a time as this. He is a very humble man. Let's all show him that we love and support him and purchase his music. It really is the "Best Thing!"#SupportKingdomMusic
    Thanks for sharing this with us Siobhan McIntyre!

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