Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"Hug Me, Brotha!": The Problem with Church "Bros"

In the church, it seems that the topic of relationships is taboo. From Sunday school age, we are taught that everyone we meet within the four walls of the church is our brother/sister in Christ. That's all fine and good...until you get a little older and realize your "brother" is easy on the eyes. As teenagers and young adults, we quickly learn that bro/sis = automatic friend zone. 

Friend zone maze / Pinterest

If I call a guy "bro," I mean it. From my perspective, the "brother" label creates a boundary. It's a subtle way of saying, "You're cool, but I wouldn't date you." Friend zone forever and ever, amen. 😂 That's just my personal interpretation of it, but I know some "sisters" who call their crushes "bro" and then get mad when they don't "take the hint." Sis, you can't be mad at what YOU mislabeled in the first place. Call a thing a thing (*Iyanla VanZant voice*)!

"Brothers," I feel you smirking as I type this. Don't even try it, because you guys do the exact same thing. What I really want to know is, when you call us "sis", how are you really feeling? It's a dangerously gray area. In conclusion, attention church boys, this is a public service announcement: We are all God's children, but until we CLEARLY establish what the nature of our relationship is, call me by my name. In the meantime, "Hug me, brotha!" Church-appropriate side hugs only, of course. Kickin' it Duggar style (& if you know where the "hug me, brotha" reference is from, let's be friends)!

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