Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Todd Galberth's "Decrease" Devotional Notes: Day 16

Today in Todd Galberth's "Decrease" devotional, the topic was singing as a form of worship. It was a call to action for readers to sing in or out of tune, regardless of circumstances, in reverence to God. I could go on and on about why singing is my favorite type of worship, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

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So many people think I'm quiet, but those who really know me can attest to the fact that I sing 25/8. I got it honest; when my mother was pregnant with me, she sang all the time. I was a premie so I stayed in the NICU until I was three months old, and my mom and aunt would sing "You Are My Sunshine" as they sat with me. To hear my aunt tell it, shortly after I learned to talk, I randomly started singing "You Are My Sunshine" without being prompted...and I knew all the words. To this day, I can listen to a song for the first time, and by the chorus, I'll be singing along. I know that sounds crazy. You'd have to see it to believe it.

Music has always been a source of joy in my life, no matter what I'm going through. Whether I'm mad, sad, or on cloud nine, I have a song for every occasion. In the middle of a conversation, I can hear someone say something, and whatever they said will make me think of a song I know. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I sing more than I talk. I feel like I can express myself better that way.

I've been to over 40 concerts in my lifetime thus far, and I appreciate all types of music, but my favorite genre is gospel/inspirational/CCM. I hesitate to put this music under one specific category because I love so many diverse artists, so I'll just say my favorite type of music is music that glorifies God. I love Jesus music because it helps me sing what I can't say. Have you ever heard a song that speaks for you? I have, too many times to count. Sometimes I'll start singing happily, and by the time I'm finished getting lost in the music, I find myself in tears. Singing is the purest form of worship, in my opinion. It is a release. It allows me to empty my emotions at the feet of the Father, to feel every note, even if I didn't write it. I'm so grateful for all the artists who pour themselves onto paper and melody and echo the sentiments of my heart.

Day 16 takeaway: In addition to my appreciation for eclectic Jesus music, I'm also grateful for devotionals like this that recognize that God is EVERYTHING, not just one sound, not just one idea, and definitely not just one style of writing. I'm glad Todd Galberth stepped outside of the box that the music industry might try to put him in and decided to write this book. It's helping me "Decrease" and discover cool music along the way (speaking of, today's "Medicine Music" is "Fall In This Place" by Planetshakers). I pray that this devotional reaches people of every nation who need to know who God is.

Less of me, more of He.

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