Sunday, January 14, 2018

Todd Galberth's "Decrease" Devotional Notes: Day 14

In my earlier notes on Todd Galberth's "Decrease" devotional, I said I wanted my wants to line up with God's will for my life. In conjunction with that principle, today's section of the devotional was called "I Choose You." God has already chosen us to carry out a particular assignment, but it's up to us to accept that calling. If we're serious about aligning our wants with God's will, before we want anything else, we have to want Him.

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Yesterday I posed a question: Can you remember a time when you chased God with everything you had? I can. I'm doing it right now, as I type this. I gave God my 'yes' for the first time almost 18 years ago when I was only six years old. Back then, that 'yes' was based on who my family told me He was. I gave Him a slightly louder 'yes' when I was in undergrad at a crossroads between majors. That 'yes' meant something entirely different for me because I gave it to Him when I needed Him. He used that 'yes' to teach me who He was exclusively for me.

Now, I find myself telling Him 'yes' again, except this time, it's not the little girl 'yes' or the 'yes' of an unsure college student. This time, I'm telling Him yes because I feel Him stretching me, calling me higher. He's telling me that His Kingdom needs my gifts. I'm believing that the 'yes' I'm giving Him now, as a confident adult who has known Him in the past and who knows Him in the present, will be the 'yes' that unlocks the door to my destiny. I feel that way because for the first time in my life, my 'yes' is so big, it's scary...scary, but necessary. This 'yes' is fully given by my own free will, but it requires complete submission and strips me of all control.

God gives us free will, but we have to make a conscious decision to allow our will to bow to His. If we don't make that decision, He will allow things to happen in our lives that force us to bow. I don't say that to scare you, but it's true. God will always assert His authority, whether you want Him to rule or not. We should be honored to be chosen by someone as magnificent as the God who loved us enough to show Himself to us in human form and give His life in exchange for ours. Who are we to be called "child" and "friend" by such a merciful Father? The least I can do is answer His call.

Day 12 takeaway: Last year, I asked God to take my hand off the doorknobs of doors that were meant to stay closed. This year, I want Him to fine tune my ears so I'll be able to hear loud and clear when His opportunities knock. Before I walk through any door, I have to know without a shadow of a doubt that God is the one opening it. This year and beyond, "I'll Just Say Yes" (today's "Medicine Music" by Brian Courtney Wilson) to Him and Him only. I'll say yes, and mean it this time. Less of me, more of He.

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